How To Use Your LegalShield Membership

Evans, Loewenstein, Shimanovsky & Moscardini, Ltd. has been the LegalShield (formerly known as Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.) Illinois Provider Law Firm since 1992. The firm is committed to providing quality and timely legal services. Evans, Loewenstein, Shimanovsky & Moscardini, Ltd. is a full service law firm capable of meeting all your legal needs. The firm's goal is to maintain the sensitivity needed to serve clients who rarely have contact with attorneys. Genuine concern for all our clients and a commitment to the highest standards of professionalism has earned our firm a reputation for distinctive service. Quick responses to the needs of our clients are central to our Evans, Loewenstein, Shimanovsky & Moscardini, Ltd.'s philosophy. We know that delayed advice has little value. Therefore, our effort is directed to providing timely advice - without sacrificing care or quality. When you become a member of LegalShield in Illinois, you can be assured that your Provider firm is one of the best. Along with having a family of dedicated, qualified and knowledgeable attorneys on your side, you will also find our lawyers to be concerned and caring. It is our job to help our members with their legal problems, big or small. We encourage our clients to call before they have a problem. Let us review your contract before you make a large purchase or review your lease before you rent an apartment. LegalShield and Evans, Loewenstein, Shimanovsky & Moscardini, Ltd., allow easy access to the professional and dependable legal services you deserve.

Our office is conveniently located for our varied client needs and offers easy access to area courthouses and government offices. Our competent staff of attorneys, plan administrator, and support personnel stands ready to provide you with the professional and dependable legal services you are seeking. We have bilingual attorneys and support staff who can converse with our Spanish-speaking member's. Our employees are trained in customer service and are committed to making sure our member's calls are answered promptly and courteously. As a LegalShield Provider firm, we are required to meet certain standards set by the corporate offices in Ada, Oklahoma. We send daily reports, and our performance is evaluated and monitored regularly by the corporate offices. LegalShield will not tolerate anything less than excellence. The following guidelines have been set by LegalShield:

First call back attempt 4 to 8 hours
Return calls 8 hours
Document review (first 10 pages free) 3 Days
Letter written 3 Days
Will preparation 14 Days
Complaint resolution 24 Hours

Although we try our hardest to be perfect, we are human and do make mistakes. If you do not get a call back timely or you are not happy with a situation, please call us. We need to know when there is a problem so we can solve it.

Evans, Loewenstein, Shimanovsky & Moscardini, Ltd. is committed to delivering exceptional legal advice accompanied by excellent customer service.

Sales Associates

Evans, Loewenstein, Shimanovsky & Moscardini, Ltd. holds an Open House for Sales Associates the last Monday of every month* starting promptly at 4:00 p.m. at our main offices. We encourage every Sales Associate to attend this meeting at least once. It offers you a way to meet the Principals of the firm, the Attorneys, and Staff. The meeting provides a forum to inform, educate and discuss topics related to LegalShield. If you are interested in attending this meeting, please contact 312-782-1850  to register. Space is limited. If you would like a member of Evans, Loewenstein, Shimanovsky & Moscardini, Ltd. to attend a meeting with you, call Associate Services and they will contact our firm to schedule.

Evans, Loewenstein, Shimanovsky & Moscardini, LTD

130 South Jefferson Street Suite 350
Chicago, Illinois 60661
Local Number: 312-782-1850
Fax: 312-466-0819

Office Hours

8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, incoming calls.
If you are not near a phone during the day, please ask our receptionists to arrange for a phone appointment. Numeric pager numbers will not be accepted.*Please check with LegalShield Associate Services regarding any changes in schedules.